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CeDUR shake roofing is a popular roofing option for many reasons. From its natural and timeless appearance to its versatility, you’ll love how this type of roofing complements your home in Idaho Springs, Lakewood or Evergreen, CO.

Colorado Contracting Unlimited has years of industry experience and can install a variety of specialty roofs. Choose from slate or wood-look DaVinci roofing or other synthetic roofing options. Whatever roofing material you choose, you can count on us to do a quality installation.

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Why Choose A Cedur Shake Roof?

If you’re looking for a roof that is both aesthetically appealing and durable, you won’t be disappointed with CeDUR shake roofing. On the other hand, many homeowners in Idaho Springs, Lakewood and Evergreen, CO are opting for synthetic roofing materials for their fire-resistance and:

  • Stability: Benefit from minimal shrinkage and humidity resistance.
  • Strength: Synthetic roofing can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Insulation: Keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Appearance: achieve a rustic or practical look that will lasts for years.

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